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EMO Level 2 Western States Championship

Better late than never with the Las Vegas blog post! Last week we returned home from the inaugural EMO Level 2 Western States Championships of which CRQH was a sponsor. We were very thankful that we were at the South Point facility during this show, the outside temps were around 100 the whole show, but we were nice and comfortable inside the climate controlled stalls and arenas! CRQH had a wonderful show and everybody went home with successes!

Tami Jennings and Maximum Good Times, Curly, had great placings in the Amateur Select Horsemanship and won the Equitation Circuit! Carolyn showed Curly in the Level 1 Senior Trail and Level 2 Senior Trail with top placings in both! Tami and Curly don’t get to make it to many horse shows and it is always so fun to watch them have success when they do!

Lauren Anderson and RV Radical Zip Rod had a great show! They ended up with strong placings in the Youth Western Riding as well as the Youth Trail! Lauren and Phoenix also ended up 4th in the Level 2 Youth Trail Championship round and 3rd in the Level 2 Youth Western Riding Championship round! Carolyn successfully showed Phoenix in the Level 1 Senior Western Riding with top placings both days! The next stop for Lauren and Phoenix is the AQHYA World Show and we can’t wait for them to compete there!

Parris Rice and Hez Pretty Extreme won the Amateur Equitation under all four judges and went home with the circuit! They also had top placings in the Amateur Showmanship and Amateur Performance Geldings. The pair also had wins in the Amateur Horsemanship and Trail and rode their best Trail go yet the final day! Parris and Bert ended up winning the Amateur All-Around as well, which was a lovely surprise at the end of the show! Carolyn and Bert had a win in the Level 1 Western Riding and top placings in the Junior Western Riding! They also went home with the circuit in the Level 1 Junior Trail!

Liana Caroccio and An Everlasting Touch competed very well in all of their championship classes! They ended up 3rd in the Level 2 Youth Trail and Equitation with top placings in the Horsemanship and Showmanship!

Jaleesa Caroccio and A Flashy Invitation had a very strong show with top placings in the Youth Hunter Under Saddle and Equitation. They were also 2nd under one card in the Youth Horsemanship! We were very excited about this accomplishment as this is still a green Horsemanship horse! These two have been doing a great job together!

Angela Marshall and Heza Macs Allstar came together more as a team this show. They had their best Horsemanship pattern yet and got their name called in a very tough Amateur Horsemanship class! Carolyn and Alvin ended up Reserve Champions in the Level 2 Senior Western Riding Championship! We are so thrilled for this new team and how well they have been progressing!

The horses all got a well deserved break after we got home, but we are back to working as the next two big stops are the AQHYA World Show and the NSBA World Show! Keep an eye out for us! Congrats to all our clients on a wonderful show and thank you to the fantastic show staff that made it run so smoothly!

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