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Silver Dollar Circuit, Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas goes on the blog... We are home from Silver Dollar Circuit and we had a great horse show! We took seven horses and riders and everybody returned home with improvements! South Point is always great to show at and we always have a good time when we go.

Lauren Anderson and her gelding, RV Radical Zip Rod, had a fantastic show! Lauren and Phoenix were Reserve Circuit Champions in the Level 2 Youth Western Riding! They also had great placings in the Level 1 Youth Western Riding and Trail as well as the Level 2. Lauren really stepped up and rode well this horse show and it paid off!

Michelle Lewis and Indelible Invitation ended up Reserve Circuit Champions in the Level 1 Amateur Equitation! This team has come so far! Michelle and Dexter laid out strong horsemanship patterns each day in the Level 2 as well. Michelle and Dexter have really learned to communicate with each other in the past year and the progress can be seen!

Parris Rice and Hez Pretty Extreme had a great show as well! They finished qualifying in the Level 3 Equitation, Horsemanship, and Trail. Parris and Bert had top placings in the Trail, Horsemanship, and Equitation with wins in both the Equitation and Horsemanship. Carolyn showed Bert in the Level 1 and 2 Junior Trail with top placings in the Level 1. Bert is turning into a great show horse!

Angela Marshall took her brand new gelding Heza Macs All Star and they had an exceptional first show together! Angela had only had a handful of rides on Alvin, they really started to establish their partnership at this show. Not only did these two get to know each other they placed in the Level 1 Amateur Trail and Horsemanship! We are thrilled for this brand new team! Carolyn showed Alvin in the Level 2 Senior Trail and Western Riding with great rides and placings each time!

Angela and Brian Moore with their respective horses Smokin Sensational and Coolest Jacky had solid improvements throughout the show. Angela and her mare, Abby, showed in the Level 2 Select Amateur Trail and really stepped up throughout the show. Brian and his gelding, Tommy, showed in the Level 2 Select Amateur Trail too. Just like his wife, Brian improved from the first day to the second. Brian and Tommy haven’t shown in a while and we are thrilled they are back at it! Carolyn showed both Abby and Tommy in the Level 2 Senior Trail and both horses showed like the great souls they are!

To top it off, Tami Jennings and Maximum Good Times had a stellar show. Tami and Curly ended up Circuit Champions in the Level 1 Select Amateur Equitation with top placings each day. They also had top placings in the Level 1 Select Amateur Horsemanship the second day. This team doesn’t get to show very often and we love that when they do they are successful and improve leaps and bounds! Carolyn showed Curly in the Level 1 Senior Trail with solid goes each time.

We couldn’t have asked for a better Silver Dollar Circuit. Horses and riders improved alike and everybody had a great time! We are glad to be home for a short break, but will be back at South Point for the Novice Championships! Congrats to all our clients on a fantastic horse show and thanks for making it so fun!

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