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Arizona Sun Circuit

We ended 2015 in Arizona and started 2016 there as well. Sun Circuit started us off a little cold and rainy, but we made it through and the second half of the show was filled with the beautiful sunshine we love! The entire show was filled with a lot of fun, games, learning, and personal improvements for all five horses and riders we took. We had brand new teams to teams who have been together for a while and are working on stepping up their game. We are absolutely thrilled with the way the show season started for this year!

The show started out with just the amateur and open classes. Michelle Lewis and Indelible Invitation stepped up to compete in the Level 2 Amateur Horsemanship. She and Dexter placed well each day and began to turn around stronger! This was a great improvement for them! They also competed in the Level 1 Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation. Michelle not only won the class under both judges one day, but went home with the Circuit which was a beautiful trophy! Michelle and Dexter came a long way in their riding throughout this horse show and competed very well!

Parris Rice and Hez Pretty Extreme showed in the Level 3 Amateur Horsemanship, Showmanship, and Hunt Seat Equitation. They also showed in the Level 2 Amateur Trail for the first time! Parris and Bert not only did their first lead changes in the Horsemanship, but they also finished qualifying for the Amateur World Show! They were winners in the Equitation under both judges one day with strong placings the others. The Showmanship proved to hold many lessons, but there were improvements with each time they showed. The first time out in the Trail they won it under one judge, Parris had not shown in the trail in over a year! Parris also won the drawing for a new pair of Rod Patrick boots in her Halter Class! Robin Frid showed Bert in the Green Junior Trail and the Level 2 Junior Trail. Robin and Bert won the Green Trail Circuit (a beautiful Blue Ribbon saddle), as well as winning the class under both judges one day! In the Level 2 Junior they qualified for the Level 2 at the World Show and had fantastic placings! Bert was ready for a nap by the end of the horse show, but we are so proud of how well this four year old is progressing.

Parris and Michelle also competed in the Balloon Race that was held after the Amateur Horsemanship one evening! Participants had to blow up, tie a balloon, put it between their legs, and run to the designated finish line. Parris started off strong, being the first one to finish tying her balloon. After figuring out that running was making her balloon slip she started bunny hopping. This proved to be a smart decision until she fell, but her balloon didn’t touch and she came in second! This was pretty exciting because the prize was a five hundred dollar gift certificate to Show Time Show Clothes! Michelle didn’t have quite as much luck, her acrylic nails hindered her balloon tying. We’re sure she would have been in there if she hadn’t gotten held up though! They also held an Extended Trot Race after the Horsemanship another evening. Parris and Bert competed in this as well and came in with a strong second and a gift certificate to Barbara’s Custom Hats!

The youth showed up for the second weekend, and that’s when things really started to get going!

Lauren Anderson and RV Radical Ziprod showed in the Level 2 14-18 Horsemanship, Showmanship, Trail, and Western Riding, and the Level 1 Novice Western Riding. Lauren and Phoenix had strong Showmanship patterns during which Phoenix showed that he was ready to start stepping up and doing maneuvers with more pace. They also had a great Horsemanship pattern! Lauren and Phoenix placed in the top group in the Western Riding and Trail out of a very strong group of youth!

Liana Caroccio and An Everlasting Touch had a strong show back. They won the Level 2 14-18 Horsemanship one day with a very strong pattern! Liana rode very smart and it paid off! They also had strong patterns in the Level 2 14-18 Showmanship, Hunt Seat Equitation, and Trail. Liana and Everett added a new event to their list as well. They showed in the Level 1 Novice Youth Western Riding for the first time! Each day improvements were made and we are excited to see this team get stronger in the event! They are off to a great start!

Jaleesa Caroccio has a brand new show partner, A Flashy Invitation. Jaleesa and Charlie Brown had never been to a show together prior to Sun Circuit! Jaleesa really stepped up in being a horsewoman to guide a green horse through events he has not had much experience in. This smart riding and handling paid off. They went home with the circuit in the Level 2 13 and Under Hunt Seat Equitation! Jaleesa and Charlie Brown also had strong goes in the Level 2 13 and Under Horsemanship, and Showmanship! They placed well and Jaleesa was able to gain experience showing her new horse! We are excited to see this new team progress and get stronger in their events!

The youth got to compete in some fun games as well. They participated in a Boot Race in which they had to run to the end of the arena, find their boots, and run back. They also had a Bareback Mounting Contest for a 48” TV after the Youth Performance Geldings class! This was highly entertaining to watch! Lauren practiced at the barn on Phoenix to see if she should enter the class and unfortunately wasn’t able to make it on him (she finally just grabbed a stool). Jaleesa and Liana tried their best in the class and we gave them an A for effort. Unfortunately they have rather large horses and weren’t able to swing over. The rest of us had a good laugh watching everybody try! Way to be good sports guys!

We had a great horse show that was full laughs and fun times. Thank you to the amazing Sun Circuit staff who kept the horse show running smoothly even though there was rain and mud! The prizes were awesome, the games made us laugh, and our horses were all good! What more could you ask for? We are glad to be home, but are already gearing up for the next show. Thank you to our awesome clients for working hard and always putting their best effort in!

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