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Arizona Fall Championships

CRQH is finally home for a stretch, and we are so happy we are! It has been a busy past couple months, but we enjoy every minute of it. We just finished up our fall shows with the Arizona Fall Championships, which was held at the always wonderful West World in Scottsdale. We took a whole herd of horses, but it was well worth it. Everybody walked away with a great experience, and even though it rained the first day there we were rewarded with a beautiful rainbow! Attending the show was Sudden Tee Time, Suzanne Benson and Zippos Tabitha, Angela Moore and Smokin Sensational, Parris Rice and Hez Pretty Extreme, Tami Jennings and Maximum Good Times, Carole Lindsey and Good and Radical, and Heza Macs All Star, Michelle Havens and Impulsively Gold.

Suzanne Benson and Zippos Tabitha continued on their roll from the Novice Championships and had great rides both days in the Novice Amateur Trail! Suzanne and Tabitha have really started to click in the past couple months and all of the hard work Suzanne has put in is showing. Carolyn showed Tabitha in the Senior Trail and was in the points both days!

Angela Moore and Smokin Sensational had a great show that was full of learning experiences! No matter how long a team has been together there is always a chance to learn more about one another and improve upon the basics. Carolyn showed Abby as well in the Senior Trail and placed seconds and thirds! Angela left the show with a super special prize too! As is bound to happen at horse shows there were puppies for sale. Angela bought an adorable Aussie puppy and surprised her husband back home with it! They have named her Sadie, and we just think she’s the cutest fluff ball there is. Abby approved the purchase as well.

Parris Rice showed her mom’s three year old gelding, Hez Pretty Extreme, in the Amateur Horsemanship, Showmanship, and Hunt Seat Equitation. Bert was a trooper the whole horse show and picked up a couple wins along the way! Parris and Bert won the Horsemanship under both judges the first day and were in the top placings the second! They were also first, second, third, and fifth in the Equitation with Bert doing his first flying lead change in a pattern! Carolyn showed Bert in the Junior Trail and the Green Trail. They had two thirds in the Junior and were second and third in the Green! This young horse continues to improve and we are so excited for his future!

Tami Jennings and Maximum Good Times showed for the first time since June and did absolutely amazing! They won the championship in the Novice Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation, won the Novice Amateur Horsemanship, and then showed in the Select Horsemanship and were in the top placings! Tami and Curly haven’t gotten to go to many horse shows together, but you wouldn’t have guessed it by the way they showed! We are so proud of these two! Carolyn showed Curly as well in the Green and Junior Trail and placed well both days.

Carole Lindsey and Good and Radical had a great show together. Carole and Bob were second in the Select Western Riding and won the Select Trail! Bob is one of those good old geldings that knows his job and loves to do it. Something we are all thankful for! Carole was also bit by the puppy bug! She was actually the first to buy a puppy, Angela claims she’s a bad influence. Carole went home with the sister to Sadie. It’s a tie between which puppy is cuter. We love when clients get puppies because we get all the joy of puppy love without all the work! These two puppies could not have gone to better homes, and will have the best lives ever!

Carolyn showed Heza Macs All Star, Carole’s other gelding, in the Senior Trail and Western Riding. Alvin and Carolyn were seconds in the Western Riding and placed in the Trail! Alvin has really taken to the CRQH program and entertains us all with his goofy personality.

Michelle Havens drove down from Idaho with her gelding Impulsively Gold to show with us for the first time in several years, and we were beyond thrilled she did! Michelle and her mom, Liz, are always a blast to have at horse shows, and we were so happy to have them show with us one last time! Not only did we enjoy having Michelle and Liz at the show, but Michelle and Casper had a fantastic horse show! They won the championship in the Amateur Showmanship and Novice Amateur Horsemanship, leaving the show with two beautiful trophies! They also had top placings in the Novice Amateur and Amateur Trail and Western Riding. We are so glad Michelle’s last show went so well! Congrats!

Carolyn showed Sudden Tee Time in the Senior Trail and Green Western Riding. Arnold was in the points in the Trail and laid out very nice Western Riding patterns. This beautiful gelding is for sale! Check out his video on the website and contact Carolyn for more information! He will make a great western all-around horse!

Congrats to all the CRQH clients on such a great show! We are so proud of everybody’s hard work, improvements, and accomplishments! Now it’s time for a little rest and relaxation before the next show.

Be on the lookout for some fun blog posts this winter! We have some exciting things coming up!

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