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Novice West Championships

CRQH returned to Las Vegas for the second time this year for the Novice West Championships and we had a great show! Vegas is always such a nice place to show at because there is plenty to do for all the family members and the facility is wonderful. We took seven horses, six of which were competing. All the horses and people showed great and we could not have been happier!

Elizabeth Reiter and Heza Macs All Star showed in the Level 1 Amateur Showmanship and Western Riding. They had a very nice Showmanship go, but Elizabeth was most excited about the Western Riding. The team ended up 5th in a very strong class of Western Riders! Elizabeth was beyond thrilled and Alvin seemed to be pleased with himself too! This pair has improved so much and we are glad they were able to have such a good show!

Suzanne Benson and Zippos Tabitha showed in the Level 1 Amateur Trail and had a personal best, marking a 205! Suzanne and Tabitha have been working super hard in preparation for this show and it was so nice to see that hard work pay off!

Michelle Lewis and Indelible Invitation really pulled together this horse show. After some unexpected circumstances Michelle really rode her horse and ended up 6th in the Level 1 Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation! A couple days later Michelle and Dexter had strong Horsemanship go in the Level 1 Amateur and ended up 4th! Michelle did a great job riding Dexter this show and giving him the information that he needed in order to be successful! Congrats!

Angela Marshall, new to the CRQH team, and her mare Cruisin Slow N Sweet had super show together! Angela worked exceptionally hard and took everything Carolyn had to tell her to heart, and did her best to put it to practice. The pair showed in the Level 1 Amateur Showmanship, Performance Halter Mares, Horsemanship, Trail, they also showed in the Rookie Amateur Hunt Seat Equitation. They ended up finalists in the Showmanship and Halter, but we are most proud of how hard Angela worked and how much improvement she made in such a short time period!

Lauren Anderson and RV Radical Zip Rod had a fantastic show as well! Lauren and Phoenix have really started to solidify their partnership this fall and it shows! They ended up 10th in the Level 1 Youth Performance Halter Geldings, 4th in the Level 1 Youth Western Riding, and 3rd in the Rookie Youth Western Riding! Then, Lauren and Phoenix completed their show on a high note with a 3rd in the Level 1 Youth Horsemanship! This was one of the best Horsemanship patterns Lauren and Phoenix have had together and their strongest rail work to date! The future is bright for this youth team!

Lauren Hiesl and A Timeless Scotch went to Vegas to compete, and compete they did! Lauren was not originally going to take Scotty to Vegas, but after some last minute plan changing and the realization that she and Scotty were eligible for the Rookie they decided to go. It was a good thing they did! Scotty was a trooper, having not been a show horse for the past several years he really stepped up to what Lauren was asking of him. They showed in the Rookie Youth Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunter Under Saddle, Showmanship, and Horsemanship. They were 7th in the Equitation, a finalists in the Under Saddle, 6th in the Horsemanship, and won the Showmanship! Lauren worked extremely hard with Scotty to create a relationship and it paid off! We are super proud of Lauren!

The seventh horse to go to the horse show was Carolyn’s three year old, Hez Pretty Extreme. Bert just went to hang out, soak in the Vegas atmosphere, and get ridden by Carolyn and her daughter Parris. It was lucky Bert went too! Parris had the honor of being asked by Professional Horsewoman Deanna Searles to be the rider for the Ride the Pattern Hunt Seat Equitation and for the Ride the Pattern Horsemanship with Mike Weaver. It was a great experience for Bert, and Parris was very appreciative to have been asked to be a part of it!

CRQH could not be prouder of our clients. They really stepped up to the occasion and everybody was able to show improvements in their riding, as well as have a great time! We thank them all for their hard work! Tomorrow, 10/5, we leave for Scottsdale for the Arizona Fall Championship. We can’t wait to see how that horse show goes and what excitement it brings!

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